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Why Invest In Real Estate?

is real estate a safe investment

Real estate investment can provide you with higher-than-average returns while diversifying your portfolio. Many believe that real estate investing, when done correctly, is the highest-earning asset class in a portfolio.


Listed below are some reasons for you to consider investing in real estate:


✅ Real Estate is a Safe Investment

It is safe and secure to make investments in real estate. Your investment will rarely lose value, and if it does, it will be only for a short period of time. In contrast to fiat currencies, real estate doesn’t lose value in times of inflation. Instead, it performs better.


✅ Real Estate Gains When Property Values Increase

Investors generally earn a profit through property appreciation, i.e., it increases in value. There are several ways to improve the return on your investment in a property. For example, you could reduce the interest rate by refinancing the loan if you borrowed money to purchase the property. As a result, your cost basis for the property will be diminished, which will increase your profits.


✅ Real Estate can Diversify Your Portfolio

Real estate investments have the potential to diversify your portfolio, which is one of the advantages of investing in them. Investors may find real estate a valuable component of their portfolio since it offers attractive risk-adjusted returns. Compared to equities and bonds, the real estate market is generally low in volatility. Investors who diversify their portfolios to a sufficiently high degree are always most successful. 


✅ Real Estate Functions as an Inflation-Hedging

As a result of the positive correlation between gross domestic product (GDP) growth and the demand for real estate, real estate offers an inflation-hedging capability.

✔ The expansion of economies drives rents higher, leading to higher property values.

✔ Many real estate leases contain contractual rent increases linked directly to the annual inflation rate. 

✔ Rising inflation implies higher replacement costs, including construction materials, labor, and land parcels. These factors increase the cost of new developments, limiting new supply and thus increasing the value of existing assets.


✅ The Power of Leverage

A real estate investment, except for REITs, provides an investor with a unique tool unavailable to investors in the stock market: leverage. 

You must pay the total purchase price when purchasing a stock — unless the purchase is on margin. Compared to a mortgage when buying real estate, the amount you can borrow for buying a stock is substantially less than that for real estate. A conventional mortgage typically requires a 20% down payment. Therefore, you can acquire the whole property and its equity by paying only a fraction of its value. 


✅ Pass On Real Estate From One Generation to the Next

Real estate is a tangible asset. It is one of the most accessible assets to pass down from one generation to the next. Often, people appreciate the opportunity to leave their property to their children and, in some instances, to defer certain taxes.


✅ Earn Passive Income

A real estate investor’s primary goal is to earn passive income. Rental properties are among the most popular ways to generate passive income. As soon as you get a rental property up and running, it can be a great source of passive income. It may provide a monthly income flow without your participation in daily activities.


Final Thoughts:

In addition to stocks and bonds, real estate represents a very successful asset class. It consistently generates some of the most outstanding returns in any investment portfolio. When done correctly, you may be able to retire before you ever thought possible.


Author Bio

Senior Lawyer | Website

Michael Choi is a senior lawyer based in Hong Kong whose background includes international trade and trade financing. Over his career, he has assisted numerous international corporate clients in raising capital and increasing their funding levels. Michael has also provided free legal advice to the public in Hong Kong since 2011 to assist those who cannot afford to pay the legal fee.

Founder of:
Choi Lawyer
Free Legal Advice
Co-Founder of:
Nugget Global
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Author Bio

Author Bio

Michael Choi is a senior lawyer practicing in Hong Kong whose background includes international trade and a full range of trade finance products. He’s helped numerous international corporate clients with strategies for raising capital and getting funded. Michael has also been offering free legal advice to the public in Hong Kong since 2011 to offer assistance to those who can’t afford to pay legal fees.

Founder of:
Free Legal Advice
Co-Founder of:
Nugget Global

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