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How to Get Private Funding For Your Business?

Launching a startup is a remarkable achievement, but it cannot be successful if it lacks adequate funding. The availability of sufficient working capital is crucial for any business.

As an entrepreneur seeking funding for your business project, you should realize that it may not be easy to acquire the financing you need to reach your next milestone. Since too many startups compete for scarce funding, getting startup funding has become more complicated than before. In addition, investors are setting higher benchmarks for startup projects because they want to invest their capital in a venture that has a promising future. Therefore, statistics show that 7 of 10 entrepreneurs crash their experiences within the first 12 -15 months of starting their venture, making up 70% of all startups that fail. Typically, this is the result of insufficient cash flow.

It is hard to find funding for a startup or business project. However, you are not out of options to finance your company's growth or obtain financing for your project. Inevitably, additional capital and financial backing are always required. Here is the right place if you are searching for funding for your business or startup project.

I am a practicing lawyer with more than nine years of experience in BG or SBLC leasing transactions. I also have a good relationship with credible BG/SBLC providers and financiers in the United Kingdom and the United States. They will design a solution to meet your particular business challenges and borrowing needs and provide you with funding for various projects worldwide. They are also fully aware of entrepreneurs' difficulties in procuring a traditional loan. Therefore, they are willing to assist entrepreneurs in securing project financing through a leased BG or SBLC. Upon issuance, the provider delivers a BG or SBLC via the Swift protocol of MT760 to your receiving bank. A fully utilized BG or SBLC can be a great way to achieve your business goals.

Upfront Fees For Issuing BGs and SBLCs

There is always a fee associated with issuing a BG or SBLC. It has been my experience that many potential applicants have requested a BG or SBLC but refused to pay any upfront fee, such as a transmission fee or an issuance fee. I would consider this to be unrealistic. If every applicant did not have to pay a single penny and could still receive a BG or SBLC with a face value of millions of dollars, there would be no poverty. How can you expect a BG/SBLC provider to pay a transmission fee or an issuance fee for you in advance? Similarly, can you ask your banker to pay your application fee in advance when you apply for a bank loan?

It is common knowledge that paying an upfront fee is risky. To protect your interest and ease your worries, you should place an upfront fee in escrow with a law firm.

BG/SBLC leasing - a Financial Tool Used Worldwide to Raise Capital

As a first step, I would like your executive summary (with details regarding the use of funds) and business plan. If they are viable, I will forward them to a suitable BG/SBLC provider to assess your specific needs and tailor-make a plan that fits your funding requirements. The offer could be a business loan or a leased BG or SBLC, a widely used financial instrument to raise capital.

BG/SBLC leasing and Leased BG/SBLC are incorrect terms. You cannot lease a BG or SBLC in this manner. The phrase "leasing" or "leased" is a misnomer here. I use them loosely because the terms are standard in the financial market. The funding of projects by BG or SBLC leasing is very popular among investors, and it appears that the trend will continue.

NB: The minimum face value is 20 million USD/EUR.

For further information or any inquiries about project funding via BG or SBLC leasing, please feel free to contact me.

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