BG/SBLC Leasing | The Best Option To Get Your Project Funded

How to get private funding for your business?

Getting access to working capital is vital for growing your business, but it is always not easy to get funding for your business. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a new startup is getting enough capital to get your business off the ground. Likewise, it is not easy to locate project financing sources. Finding startup business loans and project financing sources can often be a frustrating experience. This does not, however, mean that you are out of options to finance the growth of your company or get your project funded.

Whether you need startup business loans or project finance, you have come to the right place. I am a practicing lawyer with more than 7 years of experience in BG/SBLC leasing transactions and have a good connection with reputable BG/SBLC providers and financiers in the UK and USA. They will design a solution that meets your specific business challenges and borrowing needs, and provide you with funding for a variety of projects worldwide. They all recognize that it is extremely difficult to obtain a traditional loan for large projects, and are therefore prepared to help entrepreneurs get large project funding by way of BG/SBLC leasing. Once a BG/SBLC is issued, it is delivered to your receiving bank via the Swift protocol of MT760. If a leased BG/SBLC is fully utilized, it can be a perfect fit to get your business off the ground.

Upfront fees for the issuance of BG/SBLC

Upfront fees are always required for the issuance of a BG/SBLC. I have been approached by many potential applicants who asked me to help them get a BG/SBLC, but they refused to pay any upfront fees. This is unrealistic! Just imagine that if everyone did not have to pay a penny, but could still get a BG/SBLC with a face value of millions of dollars, there would be no poor people in the world. Further, how can you expect a BG/SBLC provider to pay the transmission fee and issuance fee for you in advance? In order to safeguard your funds and reduce the risk of fraud, any upfront fees shall be placed in escrow with a registered law firm.

BG/SBLC leasing - a financial tool used worldwide to raise funds

To get started, I need your executive summary (with the use of funds) and a business plan. If proved to be workable, I will pass them on to a suitable BG/SBLC provider or financier who will assess your specific needs and come up with a plan that matches the funding you need. It could be a business loan or a Banker’s Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit ("BG/SBLC leasing at competitive leasing price") which is a financial tool used worldwide to raise funds, be it for monetization or simply as a payment guarantee. Project funding via BG/SBLC leasing has become very popular in the financial market, it appears that the trend will continue.

***The terms such as "BG/SBLC leasing" and "Leased BG/SBLC" are slang and wrong terms to use. The word "leasing" or "leased" in this respect is a misnomer as it is not possible to actually lease a BG/SBLC in this manner, and in effect no leasing takes place. I use the terms loosely simply because they are common phrases in the financial market.

For further information or any inquiries about project funding via BG/SBLC leasing, please feel free to contact me.


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